7 must haves in your Airbnb


For newcomers to home sharing, it can be difficult to predict what guests expect that you will have at your apartment. Here’s a list of things I wish someone told me about before I started hosting:

  1. Coffee maker (and coffee). Not being a coffee drinker had me behind the 8-ball on this one until my third guest pointed it out as a negative point in her review.
  2. Reading lights (or lamps) in bedrooms. Your guests will appreciate the ability to relax and read in bed.
  3. Washcloths. I have never personally used them on a regular basis, but apparently they are rather popular and their utility has been pointed out to me by multiple guests.
  4. Brita or H2O not out of a tap. Your drinking water may be phenomenal like ours in Boston, but your guests will always welcome (and in some cases expect) other options for hydration.
  5. Butter and basic condiments. Nobody wants to have to go out to get the basics that will likely last you a while anyway (and are okay to leave in the refrigerator after opening).
  6. Iron and ironing board. You may have noticed that poor packing leads to wrinkled clothes. What you may not know, is that those wrinkled clothes should be ironed. I’ve yet to see a guest show up with a portable iron, but have had some double check with me prior to arrival that there will be one available.
  7. Hair Dryer. Male hosts like myself may not have thought of this out of the gate, but consider it an essential piece of your Airbnb.

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