Home staging to home sharing: stop losing money while selling your condo


When selling or renting out your home – it always shows best with nice furniture in place (and no clutter in the way) to allow buyers and renters to visualize the space. Staging a home is something that many Boston real estate agents will suggest in order to attract buyers for your desired price.

While most will agree that staging is important to get the right price for your property, it is not a reality for many sellers who are turned away by the cost. Even with staging, properties are still likely to remain vacant for a long period of time until the closing. In Boston, the average condo is on the market for 52 days according to MLS data below:

days on market boston condos

yet almost half of these homes are vacant throughout the listing period. The median homes are sitting on the market for nearly 2 months! If sellers don’t live in the home or have renters, they are losing thousands of dollars during that time.

It’s time for a change.

MyUrbanBnB wants to combine home staging with home sharing. You already have furniture in place (or should get some) and a desirable location in Boston, so why not offset your costs by temporarily renting your home to screened guests, on your own schedule, and without interfering with pre-set showing times? For instance, you can block availability on Saturdays and Sundays for open houses, or leave Wednesday open for scheduled showings. All the while, your Back Bay condo will be producing income the rest of the nights of the week until you have a buyer. Even if the condo is your primary residence, this would also be a great way to start moving out early and begin to de-clutter for picky buyers.

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